"They Rose From The Grid" A Group Show of Midtown Artists
Featuring Artists: Matt Marsango, Adam Rifas, Char Hall & Wes Rodrguez

Opening Receptions - April 20th. & 21th. 2007
Closing Reception - May 11th. 2007
Reception Times 7pm. - till late each night....
Regular Hours - Tues-Sat / 11am-7pm + Sun 12pm-5pm

Matt Marsango , Local Science @ Toyroom April - May 2007
Adam Rifas, Local Science @ Toyroom April/May 2007
Char Hall , Local Science @Toyroom April/May 2007
Wes Rodriguez, Local Science @ Toyroom April - May 2007

Local Science. This whole show is all about celebrating the kids who grew up on comic books
and cartoons like Transformers. We are all now creeping on the edge of mid-adulthood and yet
we have beenforever changed by the cyber transformation of the world we experienced when
technology became so much more apparent and apart of every day life.
We seek to explain emotion and change, growth and pain through these images that are best seen
through a filter of the generation that does not exist. We have not label, we have no excuse,
stuck between the generation X'ers and the Baby Boomers, we will ever dwell in our
celebration of the scientific universe and the desire of understanding how to interact with
technology and everyday life. We are Local Science.


Local Science - April/May 2007