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The Strategy of Art, Short Center North's Annual Outsider Art Event, with special guests from short Center South.

Short Center North (SCN), a program of Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO) announces
"The Strategy of Art" an annual holiday outsider art event at TOYROOM GALLERY

"The Strategy of Art" will be on view at Toyroom Gallery from Friday, December 14, 2007 through Saturday, January 12, 2008.
The exhibition chronicles recent artwork from Short Center North’s visionary artists.

Work from SCN artist William Haddad (acrylic painting) was seen in the international outsider art show “The Eyes Have It”
at CSU Sacramento Library Gallery in spring and summer of 2004.
The late SCN artists John Ratto and Jerry Williams represented in the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore are also
in the show. Ray Franklin, who's rye and observant portraits of Sacramento architecture and lowlife bar scenes are well
known will also be represented. Available for sale and auction will be prime examples of art work by over 30 DDSO artists.

DDSO is committed to enhancing the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities by creating options which
foster artistic expression and individual growth. SCN's & SCS's fine arts program encourages and empowers each
individual to make informed choices which provides opportunities that support them as participating members
of the community, advocating for their own civil rights, security and safety.

Examples of Art from SHORT CENTER NORTH

Bob Sulin

Jon Espergren

William Haddad

Jose Bodas-Short Center North-DDSO
Jose Bodas