It’s hard to imagine, given the imagery and apocalyptic information we come into contact with on a daily basis,
not developing our instinctive need to respond. For those who employ the visual language as a means of communication and utility towards making sense of the chaos, this response comes as an externalization.
Concerning Time Capsule: Famous Last Works, I asked each artist to explore the looming possibility of humankind’s extinction from this planet: earth, and to offer up an artifact or two; that which they felt representative of an experience and educated perspective made thereupon.  More particularly, an original creation to be included as a didactic remnant within a Time Capsule.  True, a tall order indeed, but isn’t this the general purpose of art inherently?  
To me, at least, if artists are to serve positive function in the rungs of society’s ladder, our duty, then, is to observe, absorb, digest, and finally regurgitate thoughts, ideas, and aspiring solutions back unto  our contemporaries.  It is with this understanding, that I felt comfortable challenging this group of people who I personally feel possess a coherent visual voice.  Through abstracted, contemplative panels as well as playful imagined utopias, these artists construct their speeches now turned dialogues.  Here, in a world full of uncertain futures, and confused activities, I find delight and hope in looking towards those with visionary principals.  Whether through humor or sincerity, these artists present us with options to discuss. Unique offerings which give us a glimpse into a new perspective.  I can only hope that one not take from here a fatalistic view, but rather a realization that we live in a desperate hour; and with the clock ticking, how can we, in good conscience,  afford ourselves the cost of silence.

            Kevin E. Taylor, Curator
Featured Artists Include: Lauren M. Wong - Andrew Klein - Kevin E. Taylor - James Hunter - John Casey - Miha
Jessica Serran - Philip White - Charlie McAlister - Jacob Arden McClure - Shepard Fairey
Anne Faith Nicholls - John Pundt - Mullet Pony - Kim Alsbrooks - Steve Pomberg - Ben Venom
Justin Waugh - Camille Howe - Gale Hart - Patrick Segui - Andy Junge...

Opening Receptions: March 16th & 17th 2007
Closing Reception: April 14th 2007
Reception Hours: 7:00 PM till late each night
Regular Hours: Tues - Sat 11:00 to 7:00pm / Sun 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm

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Music for all Receptions by DJ RIK MAVERIK